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DAR-WIFI is a tool to create an access point for your WiFi network so other devices can connect to the Internet even if they're far away from the main router. This way you can have all your devices connected even if they're in a far corner of your home.

To start using this tool you have to set up a username and password. By default you can use Youruser, and Yourpassword, but the important thing is that nobody can get access without both of them. You can use any combination without having to register them, and you can modify them whenever you want.

This application doesn't have a limit of devices you can add, so you can connect as many computers and mobile devices as you want and use them as fixed connection points to spread the WiFi connection through your home. In short, it's a good way to have Internet anywhere in your house, even where the connection is weak or simply where it doesn't reach.

DAR-WIFI requires no installation, and works as long as the computer is on, so if you turn your computer off or reset it, all the connected devices will stop having Internet and you have to create another connection point and link it to the rest of the devices one by one.
By Erika Okumura

You need the latest version of Java.

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